Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Character Study: Minny Jackson

Minny is a hot headed maid and one of who lives in Jackson, Mississippi. She almost always states her mind and isn’t hesitant to sass-mouth anyone that crosses her. She has five children, “Leroy Junior, Sugar, Felicia, Kindra, and Benny”(Stockett 228), and is married to a man named Leroy. Her marriage with Leroy is complicated since he often gets drunk and beats on Minny, and it is hard for Minny to look past this awful characteristic of Leroy because she loves him so much.
                In the beginning of the novel Minny worked for Miss Hilly’s mother, Miss Walter. They wanted Minny for a maid because she is “bout the best cook in Hinds County, maybe even all a Mississippi” (Stockett 8). But when Miss Hilly sends her mother off to the old folks home and tells Minny that she needs to work for her, Minny refuses. Miss Hilly then tells all her friends how Minny is a thief so she’ll have no choice but to work for her. But Minny doesn’t take to it, instead Minny gives Miss Hilly the Terrible Awful pie.
                Minny is a significant character to the book because she is the best friend of Aibileen and later helps Miss Skeeter with her stories in order to write the Help.