Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Image Study: Fire Poker

“The man’s jaw goes sideways and blood bursts out of his mouth. He wobbles around, turns, and Miss Celia whacks the other side of his face too…is this really happening? Is a white woman really beating up a white man to save me?” (Stockett 363)
            I find this imagery to be significant to the novel because it is when Minny realizes that you cannot simply judge all white people together because not everyone is the same. Minny never really took well to whites, but she gradually came to accept them as the book progressed, and in this moment specifically. When Miss Celia saves Minny from the white man who was about to hurt her, she was shocked. It is in this moment when Minny comes to respect Miss Celia because she didn’t care that Minny was black, she saved her because she knew she was a person; and in the end that’s all that truly matters.

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