Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Middle

The middle of the novel intertwines many different aspects of life in its pages. It takes a while for Miss Skeeter to persuade other maids to partake in her novel because they all fear the risk they'd be taking if they were to help. But many maids gain the courage to join once Yule May, a maid working for Miss Hilly after Minny was fired, is thrown in jail for taking a ring from Miss Hilly worth almost nothing. With all the maids willing to share their stories, Miss Skeeter finally has enough to write her book.
                There are many complications that take place in the middle, from Medgar Evers getting shot to the assassination of Kennedy. The Phelan family must deal with Mrs. Phelan suffering with cancer and on top of that stress Eugenia must also focus on writing the book and maintaining her relationship with Stuart Whitworth. It is a rocky relationship from beginning to end.
               Minny has to deal with working for Miss Celia, who appears to be a very lazy and ditsy white woman who won't do anything around the house. It is later revealed that she is pregnant, and didn't want to do anything that would harm the baby, seeing as she had had three previous miscarriages. Unfortunately she loses the fourth baby, and Minny must help her cope.
               Aibileen attempts to teach Mae Mobley, or Baby Girl, that being black isn't a bad thing. She is doing whatever she can to keep Mae from turning racist or judgmental like the rest the children she cared for.

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